Kids and The Clarksburg Water Board


4. Always run your tap until the water is            before drinking it.
6. Water is a form of            .
9. Water that turns to vapor and rises to the sky.
10. Use this to wash your bike rather than let the hose run.
11. Put a nozzle on this to save water.
12. All living things         water.
15. Most people get their water from a public water utility; but some people use              wells.

16. Some cleaners, like furniture polish are               to water.
17. Water occurs in              states: solid, liquid and gas.
18. You can fill this with water and put it in your refrigerator to keep water cold.


1. Best time of day to water the lawn or flowers.
2. Room in your house that uses the most water.

3. Place where water is cleaned and treated for drinking (2 words).
5. Consume a beverage, like water.
7. Be sure water does not           after turning off your tap.
8. Inspect all pipes and toilets for these.
10. Aquifers are           ground.
13. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit/0 degrees Celsius, water does this.
14. 80% of the Earth's surface is covered with this.

Answer to puzzle