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October 7,1887 Original water works and sewage board established
1887 - 1889 Dam #1, Steam pump station, two 250,000 gallon tanks and distribution system to the City constructed
April 10, 1889 First untreated water pumped to the City
January 28, 1909 Clarksburg Water Board established
1909 Scotland G. Highland appointed general manager
1910 - 1920 Present filtration plant, gas pumping station, 1,000,000gal. water storage tank and additional distribution facilities constructed
November 15, 1911 First treated potable drinking water bacteriologically safe for consumption pumped to the City
November 6, 1917 Former Towns of Adamston, Broad Oaks, North View and Stealey Heights consolidated with City of Clarksburg
June 14, 1923 West End Water Co. became part of Clarksburg system
1920 - 1940 Two Lick, Highland and Milford Dams constructed; three 500,000 gallon storage tanks, a Zeolite Softening Plant
1940 - 1959 Distribution system further expanded; first electrically driven pumps installed
1953 Thurman A. Stout appointed general manager
1950 - 1960 Major improvements funded by the 1954 Series Water Revenue Bonds including the construction of 55 acre, 300,000,000 gallon Buffalo Lake, distribution system improvements including two 2,000,000 gallon water storage tanks in Broad Oaks and Adamston
1967 George S. Pritchard appointed general manager
1960 - 1980 Further development of the water system included providing a water supply to 18 satellite water distributors in the county
1972 Herbert E. Cain appointed general manager
1980 Design of new water treatment plant authorized; construction of new 1,500,000 gallon water storage tank in the North Side
1985 Construction of new 10,000,000 gallon per day water treatment plant authorized along with $500,000 of distribution system improvements
1987 Completion of new water treatment plant facilities and other water system improvements
1988 Ron Ashbaker appointed general manager
1995 Completion of pump station, 3 - 1,000,000 gallon storage tanks and 12 miles of line for the FBI complex
1997 Patsy S. Trecost appointed general manager
1999 Approval to construct a 2,000,000 gallon storage tank on Second Street.
2000 Richard D. Welch appointed general manager
2021 Jason L. Myers appointed general manager

Water Board Managers

Captain Hugh Callaghan 1888 - 1909
Scotland G. Highland 1909 - 1953
Thurman A. Stout 1953 - 1967
George S. Pritchard 1967 - 1972
Herbert E. Cain 1972 - 1988
Ron C. Ashbaker 1988 - 1997
Patsy S. Trecost 1997 - 2000
Richard D. Welch 2000 - 2021
Jason L. Myers 2021 - Present

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Members of the Clarksburg Water Board

Ernest Tanner Weir Robert Morris John P. Marano
Truman J. Lynch James F. Allen Herbert E. Cain
William H. Lewis Stephen H. Wells Frank "Chunki" Angotti
John O. Brooks Graham I. Lynch Robert S. Glotfelty
W. Lee Williams Edward J. Byard Russel J. Lopez Jr.
March L. Pritchard Everett W. Allen Pat D'Anselmi
S. Frank Milstead Thomas R. Ferguson Charles O. Thayer III
Hereford L. Queen Ralph L. Boyce Jack Keeley II
Roy F. Ash Paul L. Reider *Albert N. Cox II
Patric Henry Richard D. Welch *Paul J. Howe III
John Ransel Romine John M. Pratt Gary M. Hamrick
Samuel M. Babb Dominick Policano *Jonathan W. Calvert
Glenn B. Tinsley Majorie R. Benninger  

* Current Member

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