You Can Prevent Freezing Water Pipes!


Each year the Clarksburg Water Board receives many calls concerning frozen water pipes. Frozen water pipes burst and cause water damage to homes, businesses, etc. This happens mainly because of improperly insulated pipes or because heat is not on in the building. Here are a few tips to help you prevent frozen pipes, what you can do if experiencing freezing, and what to do if a leak occurs.



  1. Know which pipes in your home are susceptible to freezing, those closest to outside walls, places where outside cold air can be felt (crawl spaces, attic, etc.) Seal any cracks into the home that allow cold air in where pipes are located.
  2. Insulate as much as possible outside walls near water pipes, or pipes can be wrapped with (UL approved) heat tape.
  3. To reduce the risk of freezing outside spigots, shut off, disconnect hoses, and drain water from hoses.
  4. Know where you main shutoff valve is in the home. This maybe the quickest way to stopping a busted pipe leak.
  5. We recommend that you request that your water service be turned off during winter months if NO HEAT WILL BE ON IN THE BUILDING.This can be done by contacting the Clarksburg Water Board at 304-623-3711.


If experiencing freezing:

If leak has occurred: