Clarksburg Water Board

Job Description


JOB TITLE:†† General Manager††

DEPARTMENT:Executive Management

REPORTS TO:Board of Directors










The primary responsibility of the General Manager of the Clarksburg Water Board is ensuring that the water system of Clarksburg and the greater Clarksburg area is operating safely and efficiently by practicing good operations management and long range planning; employing qualified employees and applying progressive human resources practices; maintaining appropriate and effective communications with the community, utility customers, local and statewide news agencies and WV regulatory agencies; practicing sound financial management; and communicating in a thorough, timely and appropriate manner with the Board of Directors.





1.              Operations management and long term planning:


       Review all areas of operations and determine if execution is being completed efficiently and within budget limitations.

       Determine planning priorities as they relate to water facilities management.

       Provide goals to the Board of Directors that factually represent required projects to keep organization from violating state and federal requirements.

       Develop manpower estimates to adequately provide for all operations and construction.Track employee turnover and develop methodologies to retain best qualified.

       Become intimately familiar with all components of the water treatment and distribution operational systems and plan for replacement based on useful life and operational efficiency.††

       Project future dollar requirements to meet system renewal and replacement needs.

       Utilize professional staff to develop required short, medium and long term construction requirements.

       Manage all construction completed by CWB forces and also completed by external contract.Ensure all contracts meet the required state and federal statutes with regard to B&O taxes and wage rates.

       Ensure strict compliance with all permits; Oversee all submissions to WV Health Department, WV Department of Environmental Protection, the WV Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council and the WV Public Service Commission.

       Develop possible plans for utility consolidation and regionalization.

       Look for opportunities to develop enterprise systems that may provide additional sources of revenue.



2.              Human resources management:


       Complete contract negotiations with the bargaining unit; Maintain a good working relationship with same.

       Ensure employee policy manual is current and meets all requirements of state and federal agencies.

       Monitor hiring practices and ensure compliance with CWBís Affirmative Action Program.

       Review and update compensation recommendations to the Board based upon local economy, unemployment and specific job requirements.

       Review and recommend to the Board employee benefits package based upon the cost to provide the benefit as well as competitive need to provide the benefit.

       Review workerís compensation costs and correct problems that become recurring based upon historic data.

       Keep current on employee safety requirements and ensure training is provided on a recurring basis.

       Provide an open door policy to facilitate employer/employee dialogue concerning employment practices and procedures.

       Meet with employee groups for the purpose of discussing employee benefits packages.

       Promote an atmosphere of taking care of employees and taking care of customers.






3.              Communications with community, customers, news agencies and state regulatory agencies:


       Act as primary spokesperson for CWB for any emergency, mishap, complaint, public request for information or public interview.

       Develop and implement community action plans that bring CWBís successes to the publicís attention.

       Provide escorted tours for community leaders, public officials and citizen or student groups interested in viewing CWB facilities.

       Establish and maintain contact with critical stakeholders that can be utilized to support CWB, vet proposed new rules, regulations and future plans.

       Maintain communications with WV House and Senate members in order to comment on pending legislation that may impact CWB.

       Keep state regulatory agencies current on proposed capital improvement/expansion projects.

       Design and manage the production of the CWB Annual Report.



4.              ††Financial Management:


       Coordinate and direct the preparation of the annual budget and financial forecast.

       Review monthly and annual financial statements; compare with budget estimates and make changes/corrections if necessary.

       Monitor short term and long term investments; liquidity needs to cover major expenditures; future cash needs for capital improvements.

       Be aware of debt service requirements and bonds status/retirement to facilitate additional borrowing for future projects.

       Analyze rate sufficiency with regard to O&M expenses, capital expenditures, and debt service requirements.Continue to fund a contingency reserve utilizing excess dollars generated by revenues.

       Track costs of employee benefit package and negotiate with benefit vendors for the lowest possible rates that can be provided.

       Establish and monitor financial benchmarks to determine if CWB is over or under spending.

       Monitor payroll and overtime pay to determine if all overtime is required.

       Monitor valuation of physical plant as it applies to general liability insurance and property insurance.

       Complete financial evaluation on acquiring existing public/private utilities or expanding into un-served areas.

       Provide Board with accurate reports on current and projected future financial position.



5.              Communications to the Board of Directors;


       Keep the Board fully and timely informed on all significant and/or controversial activities

       Develop monthly Board meeting agenda and provide Board with read ahead material explaining agenda items.

       Prepare staff members for specific staff briefings to the Board.

       Develop list of priorities and get Board approval of proposed capital projects for new fiscal year.

       Monthly report financial position, current construction underway, proposed future construction, and customer complaints

       Advise the Board on purchasing and bidding processes.





This position operates under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors.





This position interacts with the general public, customers, all CWB employees, the Board of Directors, consultants, bankers, lawyers, WV PSC, all state regulatory authorities and overseeing health and environmental agencies, vendors and governing bodies of the county and municipalities.





Nonperformance of job requirements could result in producing an unsafe product that could cause customer sickness or disease.By nonperforming, the General Manager could place the entire organization in an economic, political and community/customer relations dilemma.This could lead to revenue loss and inability to pay debt service requirements, accounts payable and wages for employees.If a safe working environment is not maintained, employees could face injury of death during the execution of their construction/service duties.Violation of state and federal regulations would generate fines and punishments that could inevitably lead to imprisonment.





There are very few physical demands required in this position.†† The stress of problem solving, dealing with the public and the press, dealing with uncooperative customers, resolving employee conflicts and finally the requirement of perfect operation of special facilities, takes its toll on the General Manager, both physically and mentally.





The position requires nothing out of the ordinary except when touring the water treatment facilities.





The position requires nothing out of the ordinary. Good computer skills are important.





                 Bachelorís degree from an accredited institution in Engineering, Water Resources, Public Administration or a related field

                 Management and leadership work experience of at least 15 years in a utility environment, and at least five years of administrative experience in water treatment operation and maintenance. Prefer experience in community water supply with oversight of business operations, water treatment, distribution operation/maintenance, and/or engineering/planning.

                 Any equivalent combination of training, education, and experience that provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities


Clarksburg Water Board

General Manager

This job reports to the Board of Directors and provides executive leadership to a West Virginia municipal water utility located in Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.The Water Board serves approximately 8,000 retail customers and provides wholesale treated water and support services to 14 other water utilities. The Board has 35 full time employees, $8.6M annual revenue and a $51M capital plant.  

Required Education and Experience 

                 Bachelorís degree from an accredited institution in Engineering, Water Resources, Public Administration or a related field.

                 Management and leadership work experience of at least 15 years in a utility environment, and at least five years of administrative experience in water treatment operation and maintenance. Prefer experience in community water supply with oversight of business operations, water treatment, distribution operation/maintenance, and/or engineering/planning.

                 Any equivalent combination of training, education, and experience that provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities


See the General Manager job description posted at


SELECTION GUIDELINES:  Formal application, rating of education and experience; oral interview and reference check; job related tests might be required.  The job description does not constitute an employment agreement with the employer, and requirements of the job change.

Please submit resume to:Clarksburg Water Board

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††Attn: Mr. Albert N. Cox II, President

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††† 1001 S. Chestnut Street

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †† Clarksburg,WV26301


 Knowledge of:

                 Water system infrastructure and operations

                 Principles and practices of basic utility cost controls and bookkeeping

                 Modern office procedures, methods and computer equipment

                 Regulatory, construction and code standards

                 Engineering problem solving and hydraulic, electrical and mechanical operations/principles

                 Construction and safety practices associated with water facility and underground construction

                 State, federal and local regulations

                 Organizational benchmarking and operational performance metrics

                 Codes, laws and ordinances required for public water treatment and distribution


Skill in:

                 Interpersonal skills necessary to develop and maintain effective and appropriate working relationships

                 Performing a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature

                 Performing basic mathematical functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, and ratios

                 Assigning, prioritizing, monitoring, and reviewing work assignments

                 Leadership and decision-making

                 Problem solving and conflict resolution

                 Strategic planning and asset management

                 Organization and communication

                 Risk assessment

                 Information technology and modern IT management systems

                 Creative thinking

                 Negotiation, diplomacy and compromise

Ability to:

                 Meet schedules and deadlines of the work

                 Understand, carry out and issue oral and written directions

                 Accurately organize and maintain paper documents and electronic files

                 Maintain the confidentiality of information and professional boundaries

                 Develop and stay within budgetary constraints

                 Vision desired project outcomes

                 Understand planning tools


                 Work in indoor office environment in generally sedentary conditions

                 Occasional outdoor job-site supervision and community outreach meetings


                 Health Insurance

                 Vacation, holidays, and sick leave

                 Retirement plan (West Virginia PERS)

                 Car allowance

                 Voluntary benefits, including: life insurance, flexible spending account, disability insurance, and deferred compensation plan options

Should an applicant need any disability related accommodation or other consideration in the application or selection process, please notify the Board upon submittal of application

The Clarksburg Water Board does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy or gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, retaliation, parental status, military service, or other non-merit factor.